Southside Occupational Academy High School: Bridgett Fisher & Sonja Moser

Performing the Everyday

“Can everyday life be enhanced through the study of performance?”

-Southside Occupational Teacher Bridgett Fisher and Teaching Artist Sonja Moser



We introduced inquiry to nurture a sense of curiosity regarding the feelings, behavior, and actions of ourselves and others, with a goal of developing deeper questions about the relationship between performance and everyday life.

We began with an interview activity to learn each other’s tastes and habits. We asked “What is your favorite food?”

We delved into self-inquiry through a Moment of Awareness exercise: “What am I feeling physically – tasting, touching, hearing, smelling – and mentally/emotionally?”

Finally, we played the improv game “What are you doing?” which requires participants to perform the act of inquiry, then recall and act out everyday activities, as well as interpret the actions of others. 

After an initial class meeting the school closure was announced. In the transition to remote learning class rosters changed. Student access to the internet and technology was limited. Efforts to continue the project remotely were not successful.