Ray Graham Training Center High School: Katie Kurisch & Aram Atamian

How can we manifest our strengths using performance?

Non-CAPE-affiliated video of Nick Cave soundsuits, credit: PBS

“Thinking about costume and performance as a site of self-celebration and strength we set out to create costumes for short solo performances about personal strength and pride. “

-Ray Graham Teacher High School Katie Kurisch and Teaching Artist Aram Atamian

Ray Graham 1.jpg

Before the stay-at-home order put our meetings on hold, the class completed the first phase of the project: creating collage mood-boards of colors, shapes and themes that represented their strengths and personal aspirations.

As reference, we looked at the indigenous tradition of “body masks” of the Asmat people, as well as outsider/folk performance artists like the “Rhinestone Cowboy” Loy Allen Bowlin and the Sound Suits of contemporary Chicago-based artist Nick Cave.