New Sullivan Elementary: Leticia Pineda & Shenequa Brooks, 2nd Grade

Ms. Shenequa and Ms. Pineda decided that it would be good to start the project with Ms. Shenequa doing an introduction of what she does in her in art practice and what she plans to do with the students. Then from there Ms. Shenequa did a show & tell of the sample weavings she wove in Ghana, West Africa to give the students insight on what different woven cloth looks like in the Ghanaian culture as well as build a vocabulary for the students to become familiar with as they work on creating their own weavings with various materials.

Ms. Shenequa and Ms. Pineda saw the project slowly developing into a quilt or sculptural form for the students as they continue weaving with paper and moving forward with fabric and other miscellaneous materials of their liking. The students became familiar with terms used in the weaving world in relation to their feelings and personal experiences that were determined by the shapes + colors + lines = patterns they chose to best represent them via learning about the Ghanaian textile history Ms. Shenequa shared.

Due to COVID-19 Ms. Shenequa and Ms. Pineda had to be patient and think outside of the box to see how the students could finish the project, which ideally have them make a woven fabric that tells a story about their personal experience that they felt comfortable sharing with their peers. Ms. Shenequa was going to sew every student’s fabric weaving into one big weaving quilt to display for exhibition. Unfortunately, they were not able to follow through due to the pandemic, but Ms. Shenequa did join Ms. Pineda’s class virtually and a few students were in attendance where they attempted to do their fabric weaving using old clothes, but saw that the students struggled to finish. So they came back and did a paper weaving which was more palatable for the students to do on their own.