William C Goudy Technology Academy: Patty Whitehouse & Margy Stover, Grade 2

Great Open Urban Development by Youth City (G.O.U.D.Y City)

What do 2nd grade students want in their ideal city and how can engineering and design address the challenges and opportunities of different environments? 

— Goudy Technology Academy, 2nd grade Teacher, Patty Whitehouse, and Teaching Artist, Margy Stover.

The Plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions, we were not able to complete the course in school or implement it remotely.

We wanted to show students Kunle Adeyemi’s Floating Schools and cities of the future by other architectural visionaries to introduce utopian ideas.

Each class would have chose whether they wanted to build a city on land, in/on water, in the sky, or in outer space.

Initial Questions

What is needed in this kind of city and environment?

What do second graders need in their city?

What are necessities in a city?

What are fun, imaginative and creative inventions, innovations and extras that would make the city more their own?

Things for Students to Consider

  • Infrastructure/Transportation—How do you want to get around?

  • How do you want to travel to school?

  • Personal and public transport

  • Class brainstorms other “necessities” and kinds of buildings

  • Schools, hospitals, entertainment, parks

  • Residential units/homes—What makes a home a home?

Background video from Kunle Adeyemi’s Floating Schools, planned to share with students as an introduction to utopian ideas.

It would have been interesting to see how their designs and plans would have changed because of  the coronavirus.  

How would students have addressed the changes and new necessities for social spaces in urban planning, infrastructures and design—from physical distancing to isolation and quarantine, etc.

What inventive and imaginative place, spaces, services and infrastructures would they now deem as necessities with sheltering in place, remote learning? Including how would their designs their own individual physical and emotional needs as well as the needs of their families?