CAPE After-School Digital Archive, 2020-2021

In this new archive project, artists, instructors, and CAPE staff collaborated together in creating an unorthodox archival page where essential documentation that does not fit academic research archival structure can exist. A space where those threads of creative investigation that were highly relevant or crucial to the overall project can be documented. This is the beginning, and we are hoping for this to be able to springboard into further development: an archival page where a general audience can look through and explore the many facets of creative learning.

To begin the process of creating this archival page, Artists, Instructors and CAPE staff gathered together to discuss the following:

What exercises, situations, or conversations occurred throughout the year that were essential or pivotal to how the project evolved?  

What situations, exercises, conversations, or experiences were meaningful and contributed to the development and success of the project?

How do we archive meaningful and essential development to accompany research elements of documentation?

How do we create a trusting environment or space for the general audience?

Where can put these essential creative threads of exploration to continue to exist? 

We challenged ourselves to think and work against the traditional format of documentation: we wanted to create a place where we could personalize, represent, and honor “the weird.”  We wanted this tool to reach the general public, parents, and neighborhood community and make this page an essential part of the overall documentation of the class project. We used the challenges brought to us by this pandemic and took the opportunity to continue to break, re-arrange, and strategize traditional methods of documentation.

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