Bulb Archived: Harte Collaboration Laboratory 2016-2017: Dawkins & Qureshi

2016-2017 Collaboration Laboratory

Please respond to the prompts below with your partner. You can upload images, videos and weblinks to enhance your responses to the prompts.

1) Big Idea:

Legacy, what will your story be?

2) Inquiry:

Who are we? Does heritage tell us who we are?

3) Academic Content:

Social Science, World History, Geography 

4) Artistic Discipline(s):

Digital media and collage


5) Standards Addressed: (Common Core, Next Generation Science, National Core Arts):

Common Core State Standards K-12 Technology Skills

Multimedia and Presentation Tools

6) What is the context of your school, school neighborhood, or classroom that led you to do this project? (100 words or less)

Culture. Students have been learning and researching cultures from around the world and US immigration. This focus began in the Fall of 2016. We went a step further to encourage the students to look into their own cultural heritage.  We began to form this project into a legacy theme that they could foster student identity and cultural pride.

7) How many years have you worked together as partners?

This is our first year working together. 

8) What surprised you during the project?

I was surprised by student interest in their own cultural backgrounds. So many of the students really didn’t seem interested at first until they started to look at their own families.

9) What worked in this project and why?

We initially planned to use Pic collage on iPads with the students but due to technology problems we ended up using Google collage instead. The students enjoyed surfing the internet to find relevant images for their collage and then used Google collage to create their modern day coat of arms.

Student work in progress

10) What didn’t work and why?

This class was quite challenging to teach because the students weren’t focused on the project. We spent a lot of time discussing discipline issues which took away time from teaching and making art. 


11) What was your approach to assessment?

We are still working on the project, so will have the students write a short artist statement at the end and will use the rubric below to assess the students and the project. 

Attach rubric

12) Think back to what you each hoped to learn from this collaboration. What did you learn and how? Discuss how you supported each other’s goals.

I learned that no matter what the content, collaboration is necessary when working on common goals. As teacher and artist we just kept communicating with each other.  

Students surf the internet to find images and patterns for their modern day coat of arms

13) How did the collaboration challenge your understanding of teaching, learning, and art-making?

I understood what the goals of the project were. The challenge was getting 28 students to focus on the project.

Students using drawing and color to develop their initial ideas