Bulb Archived: Curie ATLAS 2015-2018: Bakova (Year 1, 2015-2016)

ATLAS Survey Y1

School Name: Curie Metro High School

Teacher Name: Viera Bakova


Directions: Below are questions that will help you to complete your Project ATLAS Digital Portfolios. Answer the survey based off of a technology integrated class art project completed during the 2015-2016 school year.

For each question, please include your written reflections.  You are also encouraged to provide other multimedia to deepen your written reflections and exemplify your analysis.  Multimedia can include images, sound files, and video clips.

Please annotate your multimedia, describing why you have chosen these particular artifacts, what you are interested in your audience knowing about them, and why they are important to share.


Section I: Arts Integration – Documentation.  Please upload documentation from your project.  Please include a variety of media forms for your documentation.  

1.  Documentation should not only provide a narrative, or story, of your project, but should also provide evidence of students’ engagement in the unit inquiry.

Creating multimedia presentation

2.  Through your documentation, please provide student artifacts that depict the range of work completed.  For example, what were the various ways in which students responded to various aspects of the project? 


Section I: Arts Integration – Inquiry

3.  What is your Inquiry Question for your ATLAS curriculum unit?  What big ideas does this 

inquiry question address, and why do you think the question successfully addresses these?

21st century identity. Who am I?  The impact of the Internet in the production of identities.

Students discovered some of the ways artists create works of art to explore and express their identity and reflected about their identity.

4. How did student research help them to engage more deeply with the unit inquiry question? Explain how your students conducted research for their ATLAS project, and how that research opened up avenues for further inquiry.

Students have studied  artists from different cultures – Comparative Study in their sketchbook


– Students reflected and wrote “I am…” Poems

5.  Describe how the unit inquiry opens up avenues for interdisciplinary connections between the arts and academic content. How did arts processes and/or research practices facilitate students’ understanding of the academic topics addressed in the inquiry question?

Interdisciplinary connections – Social Science – -Psychology, History, English

6.  How did the curriculum evolve based on the unit inquiry process?

The unit inquiry process was evaluated /based on an assessment matrix.

Section I: Arts Integration – Create Works

7.   How did students self-direct while creating their artistic work during the ATLAS project?   Please provide any examples for the ways in which students made their own aesthetic choices and direction for creating their artwork.   Examples might include but are not limited to:  how did students make choices about the use of materials, how did they decide what they wanted to communicate, how did they make decisions about how to present work?


8.  Please explain what opportunities the students had to reflect on their experiences and react to the work of their peers.

Studio Thinking Journals


Exhibit in Archer Hights Chicago Public Library


9.  How did the students’ artifacts from various stages of the ATLAS Unit impact your teaching practice? Please provide artifacts that exemplify your points.  What did you learn about your teaching practice from looking at these artifacts?


10. Describe how the students’ work was shared in the school or publicly. Why was this an important part of this unit?

Exhibit in school – school hall

Chicago Public Library

Section I: Arts Integration – Collaboration

11. How did students collaborate at different stages of the project? Examples might include but are not limited to:   did the students research together, did they create together, did they critique together, did they present together?

Students did critiques – peer critiques – Walking Gallery, 

12. In what ways did you collaborate with the students for this unit.  How did the students impact the way in which the curriculum was implemented? For example, how did students help you plan, develop, and/or implement the curriculum?

Students helped to develop this curriculum by choosing drawing media.

13. How did you collaborate with other teachers in your school to plan and/or implement the unit?

Before the implementation I met with a social science teacher and discussted the curriculum.

Section II: Technology Integration

14. What was your process for selecting this form of digital media technology? Why did you think this form of digital media technology would be ideal for student learning?

Research – Internet

Taking personalities tests

Creating PPP/iMovie 

15. How did students use digital media technology to direct their own learning? Provide artifacts to show evidence of how students used the technology to direct their own learning.  Examples might include but are not limited to: making choices about technologies to use, using technology to facilitate experimentation, using technology as a research tool, to express themselves artistically, and/or to make meaning of their experiences.


16. How did you use technology to enhance the learning environment for both you as a teacher and for the students?

– open more communication between students and teacher

17. In what ways do your chosen technology resources align with your goals and outcomes for student learning? Looking back at the unit, how did the technology meet, not meet or exceed your expectations for facilitating student outcomes.

The technology met my expectations, but also opened some new possibilities for future projects.

18. How did the use of technology contribute to students’ application of higher order thinking skills?  Examples of student higher order thinking skills include metacognition, self-reflection, analysis, and application of knowledge or skills.

Students reflected on their work in their sketchbooks, Studio Thinking of Mind Journals and by engaging in discussions during art critiques.

19. How did the use of technology drive student creative artistic expression? Please provide student artifacts that exemplify how technology supported their artistic expression.

Some students opened more by using technology and expressed themselves more freely.

20. How did the integration of digital media technology impact your teaching practice?

The integration of digital media impact my teaching practice in many ways, especially, curiosity and desire to learn and implement new media in my curriculum.